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I started to write this blog as an overview of email marketing, but quickly realized that ain’t nobody got time for all that in one sitting. So I’m going to break it down into more manageable chunks. Like any good teacher, I’m going to start you with the ABCs, or really, a glossary of email marketing terms.

If you’re new to email marketing, this is the list for you. While not exhaustive by any means, it should help you decode the new language you’ll encounter as an email marketer.

Email Marketing Service

You might think that you can send out your business emails through Gmail. You would be wrong. Please, do the right thing and sign up for a service like Constant Contact, Campaign Source, or MailChimp. They are affordable and give you the data you’ll need to make future email campaigns more successful. If you actually want to get results from your email marketing campaign, you can’t skip this.

Open Rate

This is how many people opened your email. Obviously, the higher this number, the better. An average open rate hovers around 20% for most industries, with anything above 25% being pretty darn good. Know that open rates can be influenced by pretty much everything- the weather, holidays, personal life. Look at increasing the open rate as an ongoing battle and not a war to be won (unless you get to 100% and if you do, please tell me your secrets).


This is the Click Through Rate, which describes the number of clicks made in your opened email. I think this number is more important than the open rate because it shows how engaged your subscriber is with your content.  It also tells you important things like who went to your Facebook page, who shared your content with others, and what parts of your email you might want to skip next time.

Bounce Rate

This is how many emails weren’t delivered. Maybe the address was bad, maybe the service had an error. I recommend that you review the bounced email addresses, correct any typos you might have made, and then move on. Unless this number is crazy high, I don’t tend to worry about it.


This is how many people kicked you out of their inboxes. Do review the names, but try not to take it personally. And please, do not re-subscribe them against their wishes. This is a major no-no.


This means your email is easy to read on a phone. All major email marketing services offer this as an option and, as an added bonus, many will let you preview your email in a mobile-friendly format. Your email MUST be mobile-friendly because over half of all emails are opened on a phone or tablet (source).

Like I said, this is a list for the true email marketing novice. In the next few blogs, we’ll chat about things like getting your email list organized (for real this time!) and how to write emails that don’t stink. We’ll even cover topics like “How to Avoid Clickbait Titles” and “KISS- Keep It Short, Silly”. Stay tuned.

If you’re an email marketing guru, what would you add to this list? Tell me here.


The ABCs of Email Marketing
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