The best advice I’ve ever received was, “do what you’re good at.”

Not “do what makes you money.”

Not “do what is easy or hard.”

Not even “do what makes you happy.”

But, instead, you should be doing what you are good at doing (and hopefully happiness and fortune will follow). I’m not saying we should all quit our jobs and become professional nappers (#dreamjob), but if you have an entrepreneurial heart, you need to take time to examine your various skill sets to see how they fit into a professional setting. Are you a great writer or communicator? Are you amazing at project management and always see the bigger picture? What do you do well every day? What do your bosses/coworkers/customers say they like about you professionally? Merge these skills into something of your own creation and strike out for adventure!

If you’re already a small business owner, what does this all mean for you? In a word: outsourcing. Hiring someone to come clean your house while you contact customers. Paying someone to staff the front desk so you can focus on inventory selection. Contracting with a marketing agency (here’s the sell!) to email and connect with your clients on social media so that you can continue providing a great product, service, or experience.

As a small business owner, it’s so easy to take over every aspect of your business even if it’s outside of your expertise. But if you’re ready to get back to “doing what you’re good at”, then you can leave the marketing to someone like me.

Do What You’re Good At

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