Do It Yourself Marketing- Tips for Small businesses

I’m surrounded by instructions, knobs, dowels, and endless pieces of half-constructed furniture. I’m in IKEA hell. “Do it yourself,” they say. “It’ll save time and money,” they say. What they didn’t say is that I may slowly lose my mind trying to piece together this chest of drawers before it is finished. Do you feel the same way about your marketing efforts?

In the same spirit of independence, many small business owners I’ve talked to have also have an “I’ll do it myself!” approach to marketing. Some entrepreneurs juggle running and marketing their business flawlessly, but others feel crushed under the weight of too many social media platforms and half-written newsletters. Hours are lost to creating graphics, articles, and tweets with few leads or sales to show for their efforts.

If you’re struggling to gain marketing traction, here are three quick tips to guide your DIY marketing efforts.

  1. Be consistent. If you commit to posting on Facebook every Wednesday, schedule them in advance with Buffer or Hootsuite. If you want to write monthly blog posts, block off a weekend and write a year’s worth of content in one go. When you are consistent with your marketing efforts, you appear more trustworthy and your customers will know when and how they can expect to hear your latest news.
  2. Be specific. What do you want your future customer to do? Like your social media sites, subscribe to your newsletter, view your new inventory? Make sure your calls to action are bold, easy to find, and clear.
  3. Be professional. Think twice before you post. Social media and email may seem fleeting, but a marketing fail can cost you customers and followers. Humor is great, but doesn’t always translate online- make sure you choose your words carefully.

With that said, I’m off to finishing creating my latest Swedish masterpiece- a backwards, upside down bookshelf with one door. Don’t worry- it’ll be great.

DIY Marketing: 3 Quick Tips to Get You Started
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