Everyone has their own superpower- maybe you build houses, coach birthing mamas, or sell specialty olive oils.

My superpower is writing. I can write about just about anything. From technology to toasters, I can help your share your story.

The Process:

1) We’ll chat and narrow the topic. This interview gives me a sense of how you speak, any particular terminology your industry is known for, and what kind of tone you want to use. From a chatty, “I got you, girl!” blog post to a buttoned-up product review of Skype for Business- I can make my writing sound just like you.

2) Time to do some research. I’ll review professional publications, new articles, and any other relevant resources to find out facts, statistics, and details that will enrich the writing.

3) First draft, coming your way. You’ll review it and let me know what you think. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings! Constructive feedback is required and truly the only way we can produce a product that you love.

4) Finally, we’ll polish your piece up.

Once the writing is done, I can help you publish it on your website or in print. From first brainstorm to fully designed product, your customers and clients will get content that resonates and you’ll gain the credibility and leads you’re looking for.

Projects you might need:

• Website copy
• Product descriptions
• Service Brochure
• Social media posts
• Whitepaper
• Customer testimonials
• Podcast or video scripts
• Blog posts

Let's Talk
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